• High Performance Construction LLC can provide you with High Performance Stucco solutions!
    We want to transform your home or business into the neighborhood standout! Using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, we provide flawless workmanship!
    We are Stucco specialists. We have been in the Stucco business for over 30+ years! Our experienced staff will make your project a number one priority!
    We specialize in new construction and remodel applications, Window in Stucco preparation, Stucco restoration, Hail damage restoration, Foam trim & pop outs, Decorative Stucco bands, Texture and Color matching, Synthetic and Cement applications, Stone and Decorative Stone applications.

    Our High Performance Stucco beautifies, protects and gives curb appeal. It will add value to your home or business. In our Colorado UV and hail damaging conditions, Stucco is the right option.

    Synthetic stucco will adhere beautifully over cement Stucco. There are so many benefits! Do you want to eliminate those ever growing stucco cracks? Or maybe your stucco has areas where the color coat has broken off. What about those heavy stained or color fading areas? So many reasons to apply synthetic stucco over traditional stucco!

    If you are tired of painting your wood siding every 4 to 7 years, ‘Stucco over Siding’ is the answer! Maintenance and upkeep for your wood siding is expensive! Think about the costs that you have spent over the years! Once the paint on your siding has expired, you will have essentially lost every penny of your upkeep costs! Not a good long term investment..

    Unlike painting, year after year ‘Stucco over Siding’ will retain 100% of your initial investment. Plus we have seen a 10 to 20% home value increase which pays for the project alone.

    We specialize in cutting out and restoring stucco for windows that require a ‘Fin installation’. We will match your stucco perfectly as if we were not even there!

    We have seen and received many reports that Woodpeckers are creating much havoc on wood siding. Stucco will keep these birds from this problem. If you have experienced this, than you know how devastating this can be to your property.

    Cement ( Cementitious ) verses Synthetic Stucco:
    We can stucco your home using either cement base or we can upgrade to a Synthetic base material. Here’s why..

    Although cementitious stucco is durable, it has a few downfalls. Cementitious stucco will crack and these cracks WILL INCRASE IN SIZE OVER THE YEARS letting water penetrate deeper into the base coat materials. Naturally, cementitious stucco absorbs water like a sponge. Over the years of moisture intrusion and drying, it pulls out the lime in the stucco which is the white staining you see especially on darker colors.

    One more concern with cementitious stucco; Colorado weather conditions produce very cold and freezing temperatures. A process called ‘Freeze Thaw’ takes place where the cementitious stucco absorbs moisture and freezes. This condition takes place usually from heavy moisture or snow absorbing into the stucco surface. As the cementitious stucco thaws during the warmth of the day, it can actually make the cementitious stucco color coat break away from the scratch coat!

    Synthetic stucco remains more flexible and is waterproof! Therefore not allowing water penetration through the walls or allow ‘Freeze Thaw’ to take place. Synthetic stucco also has many more colors available. One great aspect in choosing to upgrade to synthetic stucco, is the job duration process can usually be completed in one week.

    Stucco also gives an additional ‘R’ value (resistance of building materials to the flow of heat loss; the higher the R-value the better the substance is as thermal insulation.) You will appreciate this additional protection in summer and winter. Lowering your heating or air conditioning cost with additional thermal insulation (Stucco) is always a positive value!


    We appreciate you taking the time to visit us here at High Performance Construction LLC. If you would like a quote or have questions about your project, please feel free to call us at (719) 424-2606 OR (719) 464-8301 or just fill out our Quote Request Box and one of our knowledgeable staff members will contact you to provide a free no obligation estimate.

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